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Rutger Reinders Composer

Rutger Reinders

Composer, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Rutger Reinders is an Amsterdam based film and television music composer. He has composed the scores for a wide range of films such as Jongens (Mischa Kamp), Mammal and Good Favour (Rebecca Daly), Hemel and Zurich (Sacha Polak), for which he was nominated a Gouden Kalf, Zagros (Sahim Omar Kalifa) Winner of World Soundtrack Award for best original Score 2018, and many others. Mostly autodidact he started his career as a commercial composer, and has been succesfull with many tunes amongst which IKEA, Mtv, Heineken, Randtstad, Menzis and Unox. From there he established himself as a dedicated composer for all media in and around the Netherlands.